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  • the End of 2013.
    written on December 23, 2013 @ 05:33 ✈

    Assalammualaikum w.b.t

    19/12 penentu segala usaha guwa dari F1 sampai F3, the result make me so bad and too sad :(
    eventually i work hard to get a best result but i failed it. the first thing that make me not in mood is im not get iphone 5 anymore :( oh! babe i wanna you. then when i came to my home, my mom laugh to me. she said "no iphone 5, HA HA" and me "its okey i will buy it *sad face"

    im very thankfull bcs alhamdulillah im pass in exam, no have failed.
    so the new for next year, maybe i will move out and change to the new school.
    yeayyy *jump jump

    terasa kelakar bile ZA speaking english padahal BI bukannya A pun :(
    guwa takdapat bayangkan result guwa seteruk tuh, bagi orang lain "eh, okeylah tuh"
    in fact, aku tak target yg tuh. and my sister promise if i got 5A she will bought me iphone 5 on the spot.
    but but but im just got a little A and im not in mood.
    yes! not in mood, truthly, im not buy school stuff yet. bcs i too lazy to shopping.
    you know what, i think i so stupid bcs takdpat capai ape yang mak guwa nak.
    dan sebenarnya, guwa dh warning mak guwa awal awal before dia hntr aku kat sekolah.
    guwa "mak, kalau kita takdapat 5A jangan marah tau! sebab mak yang hantar lambat" mak "bontot awak, ade pulak cemtu, kalau takde 5A takdelah iphone, HA Ha"
    in fact, mak guwa takdelah cakap bontot tuh, tipu je.

    so, my holiday is too bad, duduk rumah makan tidur korea tak mandi.
    lupe letak KOMA.
    and my second sister promise to bring me to USS.
    *big smile\
    and i really really appreciate it and big thanks for those yang selalu doakan kejayaan guwa.
    itupun kalau ade.

    so now, guwa redo je ape pun juwa keputusan guwa tuh.
    yes, im not enough to being clever bcs im so lazy.
    from the day, im promise to myself i will get a champion result in SPM.
    yes i PROMISE.

    in life, you must know that you not have to give up.
    bsc when you give up you cant get anything what you want.
    and you will get jelouse with those who are already success in their life.
    so, every human are same, a poor, a rich or else. as long as you try you will succeed.

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